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May 21, 2024. Projectclue writers

Having an awesome project defence or project presentation is of great essence. Most wonderful project topics/materials that should have scaled through with an alpha is being cancelled during project defence or presentation. As we all know, project defense or presentation is an inevitable part of any final year curriculum and a prerequisite for the award of whatever degree you are pursuing. My project supervisor back then in school once told and I quote him

“Look young man, for you to score an A in your project defence you have to KNOW your project work like you know your name”.

Many will actually be able understanding what he really Meant by that. For any project student to be able to have an awesome project defense or presentation, one must be able to understand every chapter of the project work and must have an in-depth knowledge of the topic. Knowing these things would not only make you answer questions that will be asked but it will also help your confidence in the project defence room. And for project defence, confidence is key as it determines your grades at the end of the poor. Below are the tips to note for an awesome project defence.


Study your project work from chapter to chapter

One thing is to get your project completed another is trying to understand every chapter of your project work ESPECIALLY CHAPTERS 1,3, AND 4. Most students who screw things up on their defence day are students who have failed to understand their chapter one, two, three, four and five. Most questions lecturers asked on your project defence are on these four chapters as these go a long way in telling them if you actually worked.

Chapter one:

This chapter basically talks about the purpose of your project work, the purpose of embarking on this research, the aims of the study and your research hypothesis. Understanding all these in this chapter would set you up for further question in your project work.

Chapter three

The main idea in chapter three is how your research was carried out or your research methodology. The method and software you used for your data analysis, the instrument with which you collected the data you used for the analysis( questionnaires, if you are interested in primary data) and the size of the population used for you research, not forgetting the area of the study.

Most project supervisors in fact concentrate on this chapter as they tend to find out those who have a poor understanding of their project work form this chapter.

Chapter four

This chapter is a direct consequence of chapter three, anything you say in your chapter three would be used to judge you when you finally unveil your chapter four. Chapter four is basically for data analysis and interpretation. Though you may not be expected to know in a detailed form out the analysis was carried out, your project supervisors expect you to be able to understand the result of these analyses and be able to interprete them to the best of your ability making use of your null and alternative hypothesis which your analyst must have detailed out for your easy comprehension and interpretation.

NOTE: the other chapters are also very important as they would equally contribute to your success.


             Confidence on the day of  your project defence

One virtue that you would have to imbibe ( for those that are yet to have it) is confidence. Confidence on the day of your project defence would send a signal that you actually know what you did. A feeling like that by your project supervisors would help prevent unnecessary questions from them. Confidence, calm and politeness as you hit your points would do you more good in your project defence or presentation.